WELCOME to Pixiedust Yourself,

a place to promote mental health wellness and to support those on a mental health journey! I am on a mission to try and make life a little bit better for you and me, trying new activities and experiences, coping strategies, ways to plan and organize so that your mind can be clearer, opening up the world through travel, bringing you real life stories but mostly recognizing how amazing and brave you are everyday to keep fighting. For those that have never experienced mental illness this website is for them too, to help them gain insight and support those they love, most of all to break down the idea that mental illness should be hidden and that it means weakness because anybody thats been there knows it takes the strongest people to keep going when their head tells them not to. Lets take this journey together, lets find mental health wellness….one day at a time… much love, Claire 




To “pixiedust yourself” means to be kind to yourself, to create happiness for yourself, to escape from the every day and create something special, to respect yourself  and say I’m worth a little bit of pixiedust, to recognize that you are worthy of good things and that you have the ability to create them. 

You have the power to Pixiedust Yourself


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