How to Create A Bucket List

Tips and ideas to create a bucket list, the life you truly wish for and why it doesn’t need to be impossible


Lets live our dreams and create a bucket list.  If you’ve never created a bucket list before then get ready to have some fun! Imagine shopping from the ultimate department store that stocks everything in the world and you get to add it to your basket. what if i said that there was no limit to how many items you can purchase and no weight to carry? oh…and you have to be totally self indulgent and only buy things for yourself? Sounds pretty amazing right?

Perhaps you’ve never allowed yourself to consider the possibility of more in your life, that all of this is a far flung dream, not meant for someone like you. I understand you, I hear where you’re coming from. But if you go along with this exercise for now, humor me a little, then maybe you’ll see that even you are allowed your own bucket list. lets start small shall we?

The Easier Categories

Here are a few ideas to get you started-

  • books you always wanted to read – I have quite a few classics or prize winners that I haven’t got around to and lets be honest War and Peace isn’t likely to make my ultimate list lol, but it might be on yours. If you need some inspiration, there’s a great interactive list here
  • films you meant to watch  – this might sound silly to you but it really bugs me that I’ve never watched The Notebook, or taken the time to watch Ghandi, Laurence Of Arabia…there’s a lot of cinema history out there. Need some ideas? Here you go
  • foods you haven’t tried -ever tried to swallow an oyster? were you brave enough to eat escargot? Confession: I’ve never eaten butternut squash because I’ve decided I won’t like it (yes I’m a big baby), it doesn’t have to be exotic or strange, just something you’ve been meaning to try.

The Knowledge and Skill Categories

Now we are going to talk about those little things in life that you wanted to take the time to learn or do. The things that you never made time for but you always meant to get to. For me, well I still draw people as stick men, the stock market figures look like hieroglyphics and it wouldn’t hurt me to learn how to change a plug.  See if any of the following would make your ultimate list-

  • arts and crafts – it might be painting, photography, learning how to knit or scrapbook, endless possibilities here
  • a new language
  • education – if going to college is too daunting, there are some brilliant courses online that you can study without facing anybody, many are free too. Don’t forget about Open University, its never too late to get your degree.
  • sports – if you’ve never learnt to swim, if you’ve always wanted to get up on that horse, if you’re scared of riding a bike (hands up over here, I’m terrified of riding on a bike, I despair of myself sometimes), if you’ve promised yourself one day you’ll run a marathon. This is your category.
  • everything else – what have you always really wanted to learn how to do? I best get to that plug…umm where do I find a screwdriver in this house??

So far we have considered the simpler things, perhaps the more attainable things. I hope the activities above show you that creating a bucket list is for anybody, there doesn’t need to be a big cost involved and that if your confidence level is very low you can still tick off some items, what a great achievement to have, go you! Now its time for the bigger stuff, the out of your comfort zone stuff. We’ve made it this far right? remember these things are just on paper, you’re not signing a contract, give yourself permission to dream the ultimate we go….

The Thrillseeker Category

This section doesn’t really need the bullet points, its about the things that create adrenaline! Calling all potential skydivers, bungee jumpers, zipliners , speed demons, those that want to drive a jeep through the dessert, kayak down the white water rapids……Has anyone else seen that insane zipline in Wales off the cliffs? Its got to go on my list!

The Traveller categories

You might think its strange to break travel into bullet points, but the more i thought about it, the more I realized that one size definitely does not fit all here.

  • events -it could be going to Oktoberfest in Munich, you might have dreamed of dancing the samba at Carnival in Rio, what about the Northern Lights?
  • attractions – is Disney in your heart the same way it is in mine? I could write a whole article on why its worth the fear to go to any of their parks but I’ll stay quiet..for now haha. Ok so not everyone is a disney fan like me (shakes head in disbelief) but there’s a lot of attractions out there. Central Park, the Las Vegas strip, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House. Or the seven wonders of the world? Imagine saying you saw them all wow!

  • adventure – in your heart you want to grab your backpack, jump on a plane and see where the journey takes you. This one makes my heart ache so bad, its a big world out there. Strolling through cobbled streets in a small village in Spain or stumbling across the best pizza ever in Italy. randomly learning to surf in Bali or finding a hidden waterfall or crystal clear lake with no one for miles. Scratch that, someone within a mile radius at all times please eeks!
  • Luxury – this may have been the category that sprung to mind when I said “create a bucket list”. The finest hotels, flying first class, a month long cruise, safari in Africa.

The finance and business category

This one counts as a category for sure. You might not think money counts when we create a  bucket list item but for some people running their own business does. its the thing they’ve really wanted to do their whole life. The career they never got round to. Their own personal accomplishment. their own empire. Yes I kind of fall into this category too. money is nice but that’s not what drives me. what does is knowing that I was personally successful at something. Its partly why you’re reading this blog!

I hope that I’ve shown you that no matter your confidence level and no matter where you are in your journey, creating a bucket list is a worthwhile exercise. All of us are capable of achieving something we truly wish to do. We just start small and build to the bigger stuff. or we scratch all that talk and have a blast making a fun ultimate shopping list for our fantasy life!

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below about what is going on your bucket list, it can be anything at all. there will be so many areas I didn’t touch on and it would be great to revisit this post and amend it, inspired by you lovely people. Wishing you love and light .


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